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3CX VoIP Services

Installation & Management Made Easy

Are you looking for a modern, feature-rich communication system without all the hassle? With 3CX there is no need to worry about complex and time consuming management and installation. It’s quick and easy to deploy, configure and manage users.

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Straightforward Installation & Configuration

Pre-configured templates for easy integration with leading SIP Trunk providers
Plug & Play Interoperability of IP Phones and gateways for automatic configuration
Advanced security features including automatic updates and global IP blacklist
Deploy in the Cloud or on-premise on Windows, Linux, MiniPC or Raspberry Pi!
Easily migrate at any time with built-in backup and restore

Simple, user-friendly management console allows you to

Create, edit and delete extensions and DIDs
Upgrade IP Phone firmware
Reporovision and reboot IP Phones
Perform updates to system and SIP trunks in a single click
Perform server-side CRM integrations

Security & Backup

3CX sets the standard for VoIP security and their built-in features have been painstakingly crafted to protect your PBX system from attacks.

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Robust Security & Backup features

Increased security with web server configuration
Tools for automatic detection and blacklisting of SIP attacks
Global IP blacklist automatically updated for participating PBXs
Encrypted traffic to all 3CX apps via the 3CX Tunnel
SRTP encryption for all voice traffice
Generates and manages SSL certificates automatically
Revolutionary VoIP security with A+ rating from SSL Lab
Automatic Failover provides instant backup
End-to-end website encryption via HTTPS
IP whitelisting to limit access to 3CX management console

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Contact us today to discuss how our 3CX VoIP services can enhance your communications!

Extensive Apps & Features

3CX enables you to take your extension with you wherever you go. With apps for Android, iOS, web and Windows, you are guaranteed to be kept in the loop, always and everywhere. What’s more, customers can instantly reach you directly from your website or Facebook page with the 3CX Live Chat and Facebook Messenger integration.

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Convenient Android / iOS apps

Use your extension from anywhere
Use your smartphone to make free VoIP calls
Push notifications save smartphone battery life
Connect all apps simultaneously via SIP forking
Integrated features such as status, web conferencing & instant messaging

User-firendly Web App

Multifunctional web app with inclusive UC features
Make calls directly from the browser or easily control calls on your IP phone or smartphone
Answer customer inquiries from live chat, Facebook and SMS in one interface
Integrated WebRTC technology provides reduced bandwith usage
Integrated video conferencing at the click of a button

Easy to use Windows App

Initiate IP Phone calls from your desktop with CTI mode
View the status of your colleagues
Use Receptionist view to administer calls, with ability to drag and drop for smooth call transfer
Integrate seamlessly with Exchange, Outlook or Internal Phonebook
Schedule web conferences or launch ad-hoc meetings

3CX Live Chat

Completely free for you and your customers
Customers can call, chat or meet with you directly from your website
Incoming messages are managed with ease from the agents' web clients
Transfer chats to other team members with little effort
Easily configured in a few brief steps

Facebook Messenger Integration

Integrate your Facebook business page so incoming messages are directed to the web app
Multiple agents can answer customer inquiries without having access to Facebook
Message forwarding is assigned to specific extensions or queues
Simple 3-step configuration

Send & Receive Business SMS

SMS messages sent & received directly from the web and smartphone apps
Incoming SMS messages can be routed to specific queues of agents for better response
Agents can keep their personal mobile number private
Messages are received in the same chat interface as Live Chat & Facebook

Video Conferencing

Free for up to 250 participants
Single click conference initiation
Connect via web browser, smarthone app or phone dial-in
Efficient bandwith management & control
Screenshare, whiteboard and chat features
Recording feature for later viewing
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