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Software Development

Software Development

Development Services for

Complete Custom Software Solutions

Are you looking to automate a manual business process?  Maybe you are having difficulty finding a software package that meets your business needs.  Or, perhaps, you have an existing, outdated, software application that needs a replacement.  For over 20 years we have been partnering with small and midsize organizations to provide targeted, effective solutions for all of these situations.

Our development team employs sound, common-sense design principles and industry-proven software development technologies, which allows us to build and deliver reliable, secure and cost-effective custom software solutions to meet your current business needs, while providing flexibility for your future business needs.

Development Services for

Existing Custom Software Solutions

Already have an existing custom software solutions, but need assistance maintaining and enhancing it?  We have helped many customers keep their existing custom software solutions functioning and relevant by providing patch maintenance and support, while identifying and developing enhancements that evolve the system to address changing business needs.

Maybe, you had previously started developing a custom software solution, but it went unfinished and you need help resurrecting the project.  Our development team can analyze and discuss the status of your custom software project, identify unfinished or missing required functionality and work with you to design and develop the mods and enhancements necessary to solidify your custom software solution.

Existing Custom Software Solutions
Organizations with Development Teams

Development Services for

Organizations with Development Teams

Are your development teams currently busy working on long-term enterprise software solutions, but you need resources for some urgent software projects?  We can assist by providing the much needed development resources to complete your software projects, while following your organizational development guidelines and thus, allowing your development teams to remain focused on your enterprise software solutions.

Perhaps, you have a large software project with escalated timelines and lack the development resources to meet your deadlines.  Our developers can quickly and efficiently integrate into your team, working alongside and in conjunction with the other members to provide the development resources instrumental in achieving your project goals on time.

Web Services API

Web Services

For many organizations, the need to allow customers and partners to consume their data and services electronically is becoming a priority.  A properly defined and implemented Web Service API can provide this functionality and we can leverage our web application and database experience to create a solution which provides a robust, secure API interface, while delivering the necessary data and services.

Applicaiton & Database Performance

Software Performance

Few things hinder productivity, and irritate end-users, quite like software performance issues.  While there may be many factors that contribute to these performance issues, two of the biggest tend to be how the application is requesting data and the manner in which the database is configured to deliver data.  We are experienced in designing and implementing robust data-driven applications and can use this knowledge to help you analyze and identify your performance bottlenecks and recommend solutions to improve performance.

Data Migrations

Data Migrations

A major challenge to adopting new software solutions is the migration of legacy data to the new data store.  Our team can work with you to analyze and identify the legacy data available, define the mappings and transformations from old to new data elements, and develop utilities and scripts to perform the migration.

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Software Development


These are the various software languages, frameworks and toolkits that our people use to develop solid custom software solutions.

Microsoft C#

Microsoft VB.NET

HTML / JavaScript / CSS


Microsoft Visual Studio (ASP.NET, WinForms)

Xamarin Forms



Microsoft SQL Server

SAP SQL Anywhere


Telerik Reporting

SQL Server Reporting Services

SAP Crystal Reports for Visual Studio

We also have experience with legacy software languages such as Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Classic ASP as well as Microsoft Access databases.

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